Mobile application for the medical industry

SKUP SIĘ is a mobile application we developed for the Medical University of Gdańsk, designed for children affected by functional constipation. Its primary function is to support the recovery process by controlling issues like the amount of water a child drinks or medication taken.
The user's account set up in the app can be viewed by the child, his or her caregiver and the doctor treating him or her.

The app engages the youngest with colorful graphics and games that capture their attention and encourage children to earn points, for which they are then rewarded.

The app works in Android and iOS environments.

How a mobile app supports health

The SKUP SIĘ mobile application, developed for the Medical University of Gdansk, is educational in nature. It contains a number of teaching materials and articles on topics of proper nutrition or psychology. These materials serve children and their caregivers, expanding their knowledge of what will positively affect the health aspect of the little ones, and what can harm them.

The functions included in the application allow you to report each day on the amount of water drunk by the child, medications taken, as well as the amount and type of stool. The data entered into the application can be viewed by a doctor, who, based on them, suggests further treatment for the child.

We wanted the CMS panel designed by us to allow those conducting the study to add new users, provide more teaching materials for children and their caregivers, as well as modify games in the application. The panel also allows analysis of data coming in from users.

  • INDUSTRY Educational
  • COUNTRY Poland
  • TIME 6 months

An app that will engage your child

To encourage the child to use the app every day, a different educational game awaits him every day. For participating in games, filling in gaps with information, reading articles, he receives points. For receiving a certain number of points, the child gets a reward, which will be offered by his parent. Since some of the games require the child to type whole words into text boxes, we have removed the possible problem of inflectional endings in words with the help of Steeming.

To enable the person who manages the application to add more articles, we used a WYSIWYG-type editor at work that saves Content in HTML form and allows efficient page creation. For quick searching of articles by their content, we used a Sanitizer that removes HTML tags from the content submitted to the search engine mechanism.

In this way, the created application is functional, interesting for the youngest users and useful to the highest degree.

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