Audiodelic App

The only application
dedicated to the Polish press

The application with the largest database
of Polish press podcasts. Within this
platform, the user is able to find thousands
of current and archival articles recorded
as podcasts by professional lectors.

With the aid of one application, the user has
the access to the largest Polish newspapers
in audio format. Reportage, feuilleton,
reviews, interviews, essays ready to listen
thanks to a few clicks. The application is
completely free of charge for the blind.


Make top press titles
accesible to everyone

To create an application that would allow easy access to
the diversified daily press for a wide audience.

Appropriate optimization of the application for the blind was also
a difficult task. Another challenge is the continuous development
of the platform, its adaptation to market changes as well as
meeting expectations of new users.


Intuitive platform
for both magazines
and podcasts

We have created an application that has become a leader in its group. The precursory nature of the platform builds its undisputed position in the industry.

Intuitiveness, transparency of form, performance speed and personalization make the application very popular and its reach is constantly expanding. We are very proud that our work can also improve the quality of life for people with disabilities.


We could count on them

"Within a few months, Giraffe Studio created an exceptional app that has become the leading
Polish podcast solution for people with disabilities. The team maintained open communication
channels to encourage client input, ensuring a final product that aligned with initial expectations."

Konrad Pawlus SALESmanago CTO & Co-Founder
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