About us
in a few words

About us
in a few words

Who we are

We are a group of specialists from Cracow who share a passion for creating outstanding IT solutions. Our team currently consists of over 25 professionals: programmers, graphic designers, testers, base architects, project managers, as well as marketers and copywriters. We work as a team. Always.
We are not afraid of hard work. The size of our team, on the one hand, allows us to be flexible and maintain continuous communication, and on the other hand, to carry out complex projects with a high degree of complexity. We support and respect all team members in every situation.
We have been trusted by customers all over the world. We got to know the specifics of many industries, helped small and large companies, and created several dozen products. Knowledge, experience and passion allow us to move forward in search of new challenges. Because we aim high.
Who we are

Meet the Giraffes

Sebastian Kruk


Agata Kruk

COO & Project Manager

Piotr Żaba

Technical Leader

Marcin Żmija

Flutter Developer

Adrian Maślerz

Full Stack Developer

Marcin Moryc

Full Stack Developer

Mateusz Gil

Full Stack Developer

Miłosz Bukała

Web Developer

Patryk Grzela

Web Developer

Elina Melnikova

UI Designer

Kamil Hamiga

Quality Assurance Specialist

Piotr Szela

Quality Assurance Specialist

Piotr Wiliński

Web Developer

Adam Gortych

Flutter Developer

Sebastian Pietrzak

Web Developer

Dawid Śliwa

Web Developer

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Loyalty & Responsibility
We support our Clients at every stage of project work. We focus on partnership, full commitment and responsibility.

Open mind
We respect the needs of our Clients and their point of view. We make every effort to solve the problems faced by enterprises, offering opportunities of new technologies and our skills.

Knowledge & creativity
We are constantly developing. We are full of passion and ideas. We love what we do. Programming, creating new, non-standard solutions gives us great satisfaction.

We are committed and always present, you can rely on us at all stages of the project work: from the planning phase to designing, creating and implementing a complete solution. We provide knowledge, advice and experience.

We work as a team, although we have different roles, we share the same goal: to create a product of the highest quality. Good communication, mutual understanding and shared passion translate into our effectiveness and the success of the solutions we create.

8 years of experience
in development
2 Giraffe Studio offices:
Poland and Australia
25 people
on the team
60 created
11 technology,
in which we create
93 countries our services
are being used

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