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The application is an example of a complete solution that helps automate management processes in a large company, minimize costs and reduce time. The product created for the construction industry perfectly shows how modern technologies can affect work efficiency.

The mobile and web application provide the ability to monitor the working time of the entire team of employees, calculate complex billing, pay invoices, and create statistics. And that's not all.
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Invaluable support for involved employers

The platform was created for people managing large business. The challenge was to develop a comprehensive solution that would be easy to use for employees and extremely helpful for their employers.

Therefore, our goal was to build an application that will automate the invoice settlement process for hundreds of construction workers operating at different times, places and for different rates. The assumption was to create a tool that will be extremely intuitive and legible in its form and at the same time cover a number of different functionalities that will comprehensively help in managing the work.

  • INDUSTRY Construction
  • TIME 1 year
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Less time, more control

We have created a mobile and web application that allows accurate recording of working time, automatic creation of invoices and sending them to specific addresses after the end of the billing period and their automatic payment. The tool also gives you the ability to automatically send billing confirmations, create transparent company statistics collected in one place, and accurately track the costs associated with hiring a team of employees.

We are particularly proud that we were able to create a product that would save hundreds of hours that managers have had to spend so far on manual accounting for employees. The solution we have built together is therefore extremely functional, has a positive effect on business management and at the same time is characterized by pleasant design and lightness of form.

  • SERVICES Mobile App development, Web development, Backend Solutions, UI/UX, QA and testing, marketing assistance, GSO assistance
  • TECHNOLOGIES Swift, Kotlin, NodeJS, Wordpress, AWS

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