Safe shopping during a pandemic

Grocerz was created during the covid-19 pandemic due to difficulties related to shopping for groceries. Thanks to the web application, people living in the UK are able to order selected products with home delivery.

What is more, clients are constantly informed about the availability of faster delivery - when there is a free delivery date from the store. This feature significantly speeds up the delivery time of products.
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Create a fully functional solution quickly

The biggest challenge was short time: we had to create a complete and functional solution very quickly. The tool had to enable the automation of the purchase process and booking of delivery dates in popular discount chains. We also aimed to synchronize users and their orders in stores according to their location.

Grocerz shopping application had to not only allow access to many stores, but also send notifications, put customers in the delivery queue, and look for additional available dates.

  • INDUSTRY Online shopping
  • TIME 3 months
Grocerz 2

The app that stands in the queue for you

We have managed to create an intuitive solution that allows customers of popular grocery stores to speed up the time of their orders. The shopping application constantly searches for free delivery time in selected stores and notifies the user about available options.

Noteworthy is the amazing application design, which makes the product very interesting and influences a very positive perception of users. The solution has been designed in such a way that finding individual functions does not cause any problem, and the process itself runs quickly and smoothly.

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  • SERVICES web development

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