Let’s Fly App

Get notified on the cheapest flights

The app that was born out of love to discover and passion for new technologies.

The platform enables the user to find a flight in any direction at the most favorable price. Thanks to the application, the user receives information about current ticket prices for the desired destinations twice a day, so there is no need to constantly revisit websites of individual airlines and compare their prices on your own.
Let’s Fly
Let’s Fly 1

Make travel enthusiasts’ life easier

Let’s Fly app is an example of a solution that should appeal to a wide audience. Maintaining the application in a simple and readable form to reach a large number of users for whom the solution would be intuitive.

The challenge was also to create an effective search engine filtering databases of millions of flights in order to find the best air connection at the most favorable price, including transfers or discounts for travelers.

  • Industry Travel
  • Country Poland
  • Time 3 months
Let’s Fly 2

Mobile app that notifies you about great deals

Within three months we’ve created a unique product which is characterized by simplicity, efficiency, functionality and stunning design.

The Let’s Fly app is noteworthy due to its potential (practicality and convenience), form (transparency and intuitiveness) and originality. We are particularly pleased to create such a unique application in its category.

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  • SERVICES mobile app development,
    web development,
    backend solutions,
    QA and testing,
    marketing assistance,
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