A tool supporting the health service

A mobile application for the medical industry used by hospital staff in the USA.

The tool allows the administration of medical facilities to regularly examine the mental state of healthcare workers. The purpose of the application is to ensure high comfort of work for hospital staff and prevent professional burnout. The application collects information daily from users whose overwork status is monitored in the application. Staff can use access to groups where they can talk about the situation in a given ward.

The application works on iOS and Android.
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Application integrated with a programmed button

An important part of the mobile application is a small device with a built-in button that healthcare professionals carry with them in the workplace – the button is pinned to the official uniform. The application constantly collects data sent by the button. It is on their basis that reports for medical care facilities are created, allowing admins to monitor the health and well-being of medical teams. The assumption of the project was that the button would only work in and around the hospital.

Medics often do not carry mobile devices with them while working. Due to this, the mobile application we created for the medical industry was designed to read data on the employee’s well-being from the button when the application user approaches his phone. After downloading information from the tool, the user can decide in the app whether he will disclose his personal data or prefer to remain anonymous.

In this way, with the Hummin app, medical institutions are constantly examining the comfort level of their employees and can react to reports of concern about their condition.

  • INDUSTRY Medical
  • TIME 6 months
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One tool, many functionalities

Hummin as a mobile application for the medical industry was created not only to collect information about the well-being of employees, the tool also serves as a communicator and provides employees with the ability to constantly maintain contact with each other. Another aspect of the application is the ability to view all statistics showing the level of well-being of members of a given team and the general level of comfort of facility employees.

Application users regularly receive surveys to their accounts to fill out, which concern their health and well-being. Based on the data generated from the responses, medical facilities can prevent burnout of employees, support them and make necessary changes.

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