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Giraffe Studio is an experienced software house specializing in web portal development services. We create complete products tailored to the business requirements of our clients. Because the website development process can not only focus on technology, but also on usability – the website should encourage to simply use it and help to develop the business.

Knowing the exact requirements of the client, we create the project architecture, selecting the most optimal technologies. At each stage of work on the project, we try to advise our clients on a solution that will be best suited to the type of the business and adopted standards. We always try to create an extraordinary product that will have a chance to stand out from the competition. A team of professionals participate in the work on the project: programmers, testers, graphic designers, as well as the project manager, providing full possible support for the client.

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Web portal services we offer

For years, we have been creating advanced websites based on a dozen or available technologies. We are able to create extensive websites, E-commerce, web applications, progressive web apps (PWA) and public web services (API);

Thanks to our experienced web developers, we create a custom, highly efficient and scalable applications based on the latest technologies. What is very important – the solutions we create are intuitive, highly useful and completely safe. You can count on our full commitment, market research, as well as support and advice.

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Technologies we use

We use proven, certified technologies. What exactly does it mean? That we create the highest quality code, compliant with standards supported, among others, by Apple and Google. Why is it so important? Because solutions created in accordance with technological principles can be easily updated, improved and adapted to changes.

Our activities are based on various technologies and platforms, they include analytics and process automation as well as advanced content management. Here you can find a list of the main technologies that we use for web portal development:

1. Mobile: Flutter | Kotlin | Swift
2. Backend: Node.js | Express.js | Nest.js | PHP |WordPress
3. Frontend: Angular | React | Ruby
4. Databases: MySQL | PostgreSQL | MongoDB | Redis | Elasticsearch
5. Cloud / Server solutions: AWS | Azure | Docker

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Benefits of our portal development services

By cooperating with Giraffe Studio, you can be sure of the quality of our services, full commitment and any possible support. We base on our knowledge and experience. So what are the benefits of our portal development services?

  • experienced team
  • various possible technologies
  • cost-effective solutions
  • complex services from design to publish
  • flexibility – we can adjust solution to budget and business requirements
  • full transparency – clear process from the start to the end
  • the ability to listen and advise

This is confirmed by the opinions of our customers with whom we have been cooperating for years developing their products.

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Our process

You are probably wondering how software is made – what the whole process of web portal development looks like. Here are its most important stages:

1. Gathering requirements – during this process we collect all necessary information about the project, available budget, time frame etc. We also prepare brief estimation with time range.

2. Workshops – in this step we discuss about potential challenges in the project. We prepare designs, plan infrastructure schema and create user stories, so the main features of your product. We also adjust tech solution to general requirements and prepare final estimation.

3. Software development – during this process we split user stories into 2-week sprints and prepare software solution for each of them. All of user stories goes through development, testing and deploy stages on appropriate environments. Every 2 weeks we prepare demo which show actual progress of development.

4. Maintenance – every software requires continuous improvements. In this step we take care about stability of production environment. We introduce new functionalities, adapting the product to the changing needs of users.

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Our industry expertise

As a professional and experienced company, we can boast of many great projects that we have created for clients from Europe, America, Africa or Australia. Here you can find just three examples of our website portal development projects:

Long-term project of custom app built for construction industry.
We have created the tool that provide the ability to monitor the working time of the entire team of employees, calculate complex billing, pay invoices, and create statistics.

Website which helps to get acquainted with wide range of water-saving solutions. It has a store, but also there’s plenty of articles with practical tips and tricks.

Online store that offers unique African products. It was designed to be very easy to use. The application sends notifications informing the user about special occasions and promotions. The loyalty program gives the opportunity to make special orders and get better prices for goods.

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Our portfolio

We encourage you to take a look at our portfolio. You will find all the necessary information about most of the products we have created so far. As you would see, they come from different countries, from different industries, and they concern completely different user groups. Each time, we tried to get to know the market, type of business and preferences of future consumers as much as possible, so that the solution we create was useful.

What we focus on is high usability, intuitiveness, reliability and attractiveness of the solutions we create. An example of such a product is Camps Australia Wide, a complex system based on a website and a mobile application, which supports people traveling around Australia by showing them the most convenient places to stay. Do you want to see more? Go to our portfolio.

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Our client testimonials

Our clients are satisfied with our website portal development services. They value our commitment, knowledge, experience and support. We treat each project with the same dedication.

Before starting cooperation, we follow the rules and establish an action plan. We show the client all project updates every two weeks. We stay in touch with customers, support and help them after the product is released to the market. We never leave the clients with any problems alone.

You can count on our full support. Tell us about your needs and we will try to find the most optimal solution. We will focus on your business goals, problems you want to overcome and dreams you would like to realize.

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Contact us

If you are looking for a web portal development company that will create the most suitable product for you in a professional and transparent manner, you need to contact us. You can expect full commitment, support and openness from us throughout the entire project development process. Let us know about your expectations and we will surely find a suitable way to meet them.

Choose the most convenient form of communication: use the form on the website available in the “get a quote” section, call or send an e-mail. We can meet you during a video call or in person, it’s all up to you. Let’s talk.

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Finally, we have prepared answers to the most frequently asked questions, maybe it will help you to better understand what web portal development is.

What is web portal?

Web Portal can be a lot of things, one of them could be a web-based collaborative space for you and your team. This kind of solution allows you to easily organize and automate your projects, no matter what they are, since it’s tailor-made to fit your needs. Another common example is a special kind of website where administrators can manage content on the page without ever touching the code, using a tool that is user-friendly and intuitive.

What are the key differences between web portals and websites?

Unlike portals, websites have a simple architecture and do not require constant content administration. Their role is limited to conveying their value to a specific target group. On the other hand, portals have a very wide range of topics, and their addressees are a significantly larger group of recipients than in the case of websites.

In terms of design, ordinary websites (blogs, business cards, sales landing pages) do not require too much planning, and their creation takes place in a much shorter time than portals, where such a process is significantly longer due to the complexity of the entire ecosystem, which should be well thought out to create a coherent whole.

How can my business benefit from your web portal development solutions?

– the ability to present content in multiple languages, which makes it accessible to a larger group of recipients,
– collecting data/feedback from its users thanks to the application forms,
– a large, extensive information architecture can be used, providing the user with full access to the offer,
– modular structure – it allows for expansion with further modules and a significant expansion of possibilities at a later time,
– greater attractiveness of the presented content thanks to advanced configurators that allow a potential customer to build a product tailored to their own needs.

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