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What is worth knowing about it? The frontend is the visible part of the page that the user sees, the “layer” of the application that the user interacts with. The frontend services consists of the entire look and capabilities of the website. Why are front end development services so important? Because they greatly influence the success of the product – this is the final work of a frontend developer what the user sees.  Frontend is about the appearance, speed and usability of the application and as we know, this factors make us like the product or not.

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Technologies we use

Our developers are fluent in programming languages such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript. These are the most important technologies that make it possible to build valuable and stable products. HTML allows us to build the content that can be found on the website, CSS is responsible for how it looks, and JavaScript makes the website work.

The frontend services we offer are characterized by high quality, thanks to our proficient knowledge of such technologies as Angular, React and Vue.js. In our daily work, we use proven technologies that guarantee us the creation of reliable products that can be freely developed over time.




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Key benefits of our frontend development

You need a front end development company. Why should you choose Giraffe Studio? Because we have a team of experienced programmers who work with proven tools, have extensive knowledge and great skills. Sounds good right?

But it’s not just words. This is confirmed by the facts. We have created extensive products that are characterized by a high degree of complexity, a variety of functions and a multitude of goals that should be achieved. If we did not have talented frontend and backend developers in our team, these products would have no chance of success. And today they reach thousands of downloads and are recognized in the market.

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Our process

You are probably wondering what the process of creating a product looks like. It consists of several factors. During the work on the project, we will need the support of UI / UX designer, backend and frontend services, as well as developers responsible for creating an application for the Android or iOS platform and of course testers who will confirm that everything works exactly as it should.

But let’s start at the beginning. First, we need to know your goals, expectations and business assumptions in detail. Then we will present you technical proposals, show you what the product could look like, and present all available options. The joint brainstorming conducted during workshops will help us to achieve success. Then we will prepare a detailed plan for you, specifying the time and cost estimate. In the next step, we will go to development phase. Every 3-4 weeks we will provide you with “another piece” of your product, so that you can be sure that the works are going according to your expectations. We will support you long after your product is created, providing technical support and further development.

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Why choose us?

As we mentioned earlier, we work with proven, certified tools.  In our Giraffe team we have experienced specialists. We operate in accordance with a specific time plan and cost estimate. You don’t have to worry about surprises. You can count on full transparency of our activities.

We never promise the impossible. We meet the needs of our clients, advising them on proven functionalities, based on our skills and knowledge of trends. What is also important, we know how to listen carefully. You can be sure that we treat each project with great responsibility.

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Our portfolio

Check the projects we have built so far in the Portfolio section. We create not only websites, mobile and web applications, but also CMS, CRM, ERP or API, and we also take care of a unique design. We are able to build a complete solution for you, guaranteeing professionalism, reliability and transparency.

We provide backend and frontend services, creating high quality code. What is extremely important, our solutions are characterized by usability, stability and intuitiveness. Original design distinguishes our products from the competition.


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Our client testimonials

We have been supporting entrepreneurs representing various industries for years. Giraffe Studio portfolio includes products for the construction, health, education and tourism industries. Our clients come back to us with ideas for new products, appreciating our knowledge, commitment and experience.

As our client, you can count on our full support. Tell us about your needs and we will try to find the most optimal solution. We will focus on your business goals, problems you want to overcome and dreams you would like to realize. We will help you achieve them all. Do not hesitate to contact us – use a form on the website, make a phone call or write an email. We are ready.

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