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Why is restaurant app development worth investing in? Food services are transforming into an online zone on a large scale worldwide. If you want to increase your sales, reach a wider group of customers, improve the quality of your services or boost your competitive advantage, an application for your restaurant is a necessity nowadays.

The possibilities offered by new technologies give a chance to strengthen brand identity, reach new recipients, and deepen relationships with regular customers. Streamlining sales or management processes allows for greater time and resource savings, which in turn translates into cost minimization. Your restaurant application can therefore take your business to a new level.

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restaurant app development

Apps for Restaurants

Restaurant app development will give you many business opportunities and will also allow you to improve the task management processes in your company. Thanks to the application, you will save time, costs and effort. Your actions will become much more effective.

Let’s move on to the specific functions that your app may have.

Current menu available online. Details about ingredients, potential allergens and nutritional value. Possibility to order selected dishes and pay online. Table reservation. Geofencing. Ability to add ratings and comments. Application compatibility with your website and social media profiles. Constant contact with the customer thanks to push notifications.

Sounds good? These are just some of the available options that we can offer you.

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Professional Restaurant App Development

Your restaurant’s mobile application will support your business activities, increasing your profits and opening the market to your services. Thanks to your product, you will reach more clients, gain the image of a modern company and minimize costs. Why? Because the table reservation system available in the app will reduce the number of people calling to your restaurant. Because the possibility of ordering dishes online directly from your app will allow you to resign from paying for services on external food portals. Because you will be able to save on marketing campaigns and better positioning on websites that bring together various restaurants in your location.

The development of the restaurant application will give you more control over your business, but also bring you new customers. Thanks to the possibilities offered by the geofencing option, a user located near your restaurant will receive a notification encouraging him to come and take advantage of the offer. Loyalty programs available in the application will give an advantage to customers who regularly order food from you. Push notifications with a few clicks in your admin panel will notify hundreds of users about events or special promotions. All these factors will translate into your higher profits.

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What could your application look like?
menu – you present the dishes, information about their composition and allergens, remember that the eyes eat first
current offer – you keep your customers informed about promotions and events, you encourage them to use your services
online orders and payment – the customer orders and pays directly in your restaurant, you do not have to pay intermediaries
table reservation – you shorten the distance, save time, give customers more options
location – you lead the client straight to your door, thanks to the use of geofencing
social ninja – you connect the application with your website and social profiles on Facebook or Instagram
ratings and reviews – you become even more credible, you have the opportunity to thank your customers for their trust
contact – you are always close to your customers, you have the opportunity to inform them about changed restaurant hours, current promotions or special events.

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New technology meets new possibilities. Examples?

1. Restaurant app development allows you to create a database of your customers, thanks to which you can be in constant contact with them, create a permanent relationship, maintain a bond, shape loyalty.

2. You meet the needs of your clients, give them the opportunity to safely collect their favorite dishes, make online payments, book a selected table from the phone, or get to know the current offer with just a few clicks. And this is what restaurant customers expect nowadays.

3. You gain an advantage over the competition. You offer your clients more options. You reach people who move near your location and find information about your restaurant before they know your competition.

4. You strengthen your reputation, confirm your skills thanks to the opinions of your customers visible in the application. We both know well that nothing works better than positive recommendations. What is more, you have the opportunity to constantly interact, show the human side of your business.

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Our projects

So far, we have created dozens of applications, supporting businesses in Europe, Australia, America and Asia. We offer a wide range of services: mobile applications, websites, web platforms, CMS, CRM, ERP and API. We are characterized by an intuitive and distinctive design. We combine a passion for programming and a willingness to help those who need support. We have a solid team behind us, experience in working on various projects and open minds dictating outstanding solutions.

If you are interested in the products we have built, check out our portfolio. There you will find examples of projects from the architecture, construction, fitness, e-commerce, e-learning and journalism industries. And much more. We are ready to create a product tailored to the needs and goals of our customers, providing them with the development of an extraordinary product and great satisfaction.

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Price list

What’s the price of restaurant app development? It depends on the size of your application – the number and complexity of functions, the time in which your product should be created, or the complexity of the project. It is best if you present your idea to us, indicate the main goals and the most important needs. Then we will be able to provide you with an accurate valuation of your product and estimate the time needed to build it.

Your application can be created in several variants: basic, medium and extended depending on the scope of functionality. Each variant corresponds to a different price. However, remember that each of them can also be expanded over time. It all depends on you. You can count on our understanding and support.

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About us

We are a reputable company offering a wide range of services. An experienced team of programmers, graphic designers, testers and product owners of Giraffe Studio will give you the guarantee of creating an intuitive, stable and fully functional application that will meet the tastes of your clients.

Trust us and within a few months we will build an extraordinary product for you. Give us a chance to present the opportunities that cooperation with us will give you. You can count on full professionalism, loyalty, responsibility and honesty.

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Contact us

Choose the form of communication that is the most convenient for you: contact us using the form on the website available in the “get a quote” section, call us or send an e-mail. We can meet you on video call or in person, it’s all up to you.

You can expect full commitment, support and openness from us throughout the project development process. We are able to listen carefully and find the right solutions. We will show you all the technological possibilities that will improve the functioning of your business, giving you an advantage over the competition. Let’s talk.

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