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If you want to create a valuable mobile or web application, website or other software, you need an experienced team of developers and graphic designers. You cannot forget about the quality manual testing services. Why is it so important? Please read the following text to avoid possible complications in the future.

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Manual testing services is an extremely important stage of work on any software product. At this point, all possible errors and discrepancies are verified. Therefore, the tester combines the client’s requirements contained in the project documentation with the actual state that (s)he finds after the developers have completed the work.

Accurately and correctly conducted tests make the final product work flawlessly. The success of the project therefore largely depends on this process.


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Manula testing - what is it?

What exactly is manual testing services? As the name suggests, it is based on the “hands” method. This type of tests is the responsibility of a specialist who personally carries out a given series of tests, based on the knowledge about the project and the experience.

Manual testing services are carried out without the use of tools or creating additional scripts. Importantly, the conclusions drawn by the tester at this stage of work may be very important for the development team. The tester must play the role of the future user of the website or application and determine what may be difficult, not intuitive enough or not pleasing to the eye.

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It is very important to be aware that tests should be carried out continuously during product development, not only at the end of the work. The tester, obtaining a given “part” of the product, should therefore thoroughly test it, assessing all possible risks, inaccuracies or bugs in the logic.

Why is it so important? Finding errors in the final stage of work may result in high repair costs and extended implementation time. It also happens that bugs found too late may mean that the project has to be almost completely rewritten, because the assumptions on which it was based are not in line with the client’s vision and business assumptions. The role of the tester is therefore extremely responsible.

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Testing service policies and procedures

We must remember that manual testing services is not only about finding software bugs, i.e. catching the so-called bugs, but is associated with much greater responsibility and skills. A good tester must understand the role of each user, look at the product through his eyes, imagine any possible combination of actions and actions that the user can take on any device. This is a complicated process.

Manual testing is also based on a thorough understanding of the client’s requirements, their expectations and needs, and the control of the development team. The tester may indicate the need for significant changes that will make our product much better, which will translate into its greater usability and popularity.

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Our comapny

Our company has a team of experienced manual testers who participate in the work on each product we create. We divide each project into sprints – specific periods of time in which a given fragment of the application or website is created. After each such stage, the product is thoroughly tested, and then it goes to the customer, who is able to check the effect of our work, report the need for changes or just notice progress.

This approach allows us to minimize the risk of errors, create high-quality products that are characterized by high usability and stability. From the customer’s point of view, this translates into increased profits and optimization of the time needed to create a final product.

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Case Studies

Our portfolio includes a wide range of projects that we had the pleasure to develop. Among the products we have created, there are applications, websites and entire systems for the construction, education, health and e-commerce industries.

We approach each project with great care and diligence. We can not only advise, but also listen carefully. At every stage of work on the project, you can count on our support and commitment, because we take full responsibility for the products we create. Because programming is our passion.

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Who we helped

We create mobile and web applications, websites, crm and cms – everything you need. Our hallmark is the extraordinary design as well as the great usability and intuitiveness of the solutions we develop. We build each product according to the client’s needs, expectations, dreams and business requirements.

You will find our clients all over the world. Among other things, we have already created a system supporting construction companies in the UK, a store with unique products in Africa, an application with the largest database of press podcasts in Poland, a fitness platform and an application for travelers in Australia, which today count thousands of downloads.


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