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Beniamin Pliszak, New Business Manager

5 reasons why your company should have a mobile app

The world is going mobile. We use our phones at work, at school, in public transport, while we are eating and when we are in a bed, we use them whenever and everywhere we are.

In fact, the number of mobile users today, have already surpassed the number of desktop users. To be exact, 3,5 bln is the number of how many people own smartphones in 2020. This means that 45,1% of the whole population is using smartphones. Only, between 2016 and 2020 according to World Advertising Research Center the number of smartphone users has exploded in 40% increase, and the number will be continuously growing.

We live in the days where, consumers have the upper hand in the dialogue with a brand. First internet, and now global mobile access to it has given them that advantage.

Nowadays, to stay alive the company has to follow the customer, hence that, the right way of expansion will be the mobile world, and that is what we can observe in present time.

Consequently, more and more undertakings realize that they need to use mobile channels to gain interest of the customers. Newer and newer business branches introduce their services in a mobile perspective.

Introducing a mobile app to your business should definitely be considered as an added value. But what are the exact benefits which we can expect to gain? I have specified five of them which you can find listed below:

5 reasons why your company should have a mobile app

#1 Increased customer engagement

Regardless of what your business is about, whether you are a psychotherapist or an ecommerce selling underwear, your customer has to reach you. Giving your customer possibility to communicate through a live chat feature, or intuitive reservation system will make a huge difference.

Putting a good referral system in place, in order to reward the customers that promote their brand. This is yet another great way to show that you appreciate their publicity and by doing so, you can stimulate their engagement even more.

#2 Introduce direct marketing

If a user downloads your company’s mobile app, then it’s safe to say that this user is highly likely to want to engage with your company. The average mobile user checks their smartphone 63 times a day, which will give you average of 63 chances every day to engage with your customer without being considered an aggressive marketer. With introduction of in-app messages and push notifications you will gain a golden bridge of communication with the customer. You will be able to inform users of current offers, updates, and events.

You will be able to personalize the messages thanks to the information gathered in app about the customer throughout the time.

Knowledge on his demographical data and interest in specific products viewed in the app will give the approach a lot higher chance of succeeding with response or purchase.

#3 Empowered brand identity

It will help you build strong brand recognition and get ahead of your competition.

Your application will give you the opportunity to put your brand into a perspective of a brand that emphasizes on the development, the best customer experience.

If you haven’t heard about “Effective Frequency”, in advertising it means it takes roughly 20 interactions with your brand for a customer to take notice, and you will have around 3 times more chances to interact with the use of app each day.

#4 Built loyalty

Customer who download our app expect to receive personalised communication and additional benefits. It is a great leverage to build loyalty of your customer. Create an interesting reward system. In addition to discounts, give the opportunity to collect points and share results on social media. Challenges motivate to return to the application and the possibility to share results and interaction will strengthen the experience based on the social aspect.

#5 Increased sales

With the help of notifications about promotions, discounts and bonuses, reminders (e.g. items left in the cart) you can motivate customers to buy from you in real-time. You will have the possibility to communicate directly with all the people who have downloaded your app.

For example, a company may send a special offer to customers who are available in close proximity to their store or office using offline geolocation technology.

Another advantage of the application is the ability to use mobile payments, whose popularity is growing rapidly. People don’t want to spend time shopping anymore, because the same things can be bought using a smartphone while drinking coffee at home.



The main thing is to remember that each product or tool must solve specific problems and contribute to the development of the company. With this in mind, it is necessary to plan work and make a list of necessary functions for the future application.

Every business should strive for development, as well as be adapted to the latest technologies and respond to innovations that can make it more effective. Creating a mobile application can effectively help you achieve these goals.

Already thinking of developing your own app? Not sure what problems to address with it or how it should look like? Contact me at beniamin.pliszak@giraffestudio.pl for a free 30 minute consultation to help you get started.

Beniamin Pliszak

Beniamin Pliszak

New Business Manager

Manager who can not imagine work without people. He built his experience in the trade industry and e-commerce. For years, he has been creating long-term partner and business relationships with foreign clients. A great enthusiast of people, a humanist who loves to spend time discussing the problems of the modern world as well as metaphysics. Nature admirer, book lover, big fan of Dota2. He will never refuse a good crossword puzzle or an evening with board game.

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