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Agata Kruk, Giraffe Studio Co-founder

Stay calm & motivated — 7 tips for you to become home office person

It doesn’t matter if you were forced by the circumstances or whether it was your decision — working from home is amazing and tough at the same time.

But it doesn’t always have to be hard.

I prepared some helpful tips that may help you find the balance.
If you would like to organize your workday better, because the home office still raises difficulties and you dare to become more focused and effective, sit back and move on to the next paragraph.

Right plan & clear priorities

Right plan & clear priorities

Planning is not boring or overrated, it allows you to win over time. Starting a new week, try to set goals that you need to accomplish in the coming days, no matter what happened.

During the day, when new topics appear, add them to your list and do not forget to set priorities. Not every action is as important and complicated as the other. Create a hierarchy to make sure you manage to do all key tasks.

The Todoist app helps me a lot to manage the mess. It constantly reminds me what else I should do and praises when I clear the whole list in a set time. Maybe it will be also a helpful tool for you.

Learn how to set boundaries

Set your work hours. Try to work from specific to specific hour, or a certain number of hours per day. Remember that to maintain efficiency, freshness and motivation you must … take a rest.

What will help you the most is assertiveness —  don’t take every task, don’t answer emails and phone calls around the clock, don’t feel guilty about going offline. Only this way you will keep your balance and avoid getting bored and burned out. Of course, it’s easy to say, harder to do, but it’s an extremely important rule.

Work away from the bedroom

Create your own workplace. Not in the bedroom, not in the kitchen. You need to separate the work zone from the place where you take a rest to maintain peace and right attitude to work.

You should feel comfortable at your workplace and perceive it as yours. Your microworld, available only to you. Take care of the details — your favorite mug, comfy chair, kitschy items— doesn’t matter as long as you feel it.

Act like you are really in the office. Believe me, the next day in the same stained tracksuit (pyjamas?) will not positively affect your efficiency. Be always ready to turn the webcam on.

Home & office vs home office

Home & office vs home office

Working from home gives you many opportunities, but it can also be distracting. What can you do with it? How to avoid working all day long? How you can easily direct your attention only to work and ignore domestic duties?

My suggestion: work in intervals. What does it mean? Focus strongly on your tasks, don’t do anything else for 2–3 hours, then take a break: change position, go for a very short walk with your dog, unload the dishwasher, do some exercises in a one word: do something different, switch position, change the environment. And then return to work, motivated, not distracted.

If you share the flat with other householders, set the boundaries that they cannot cross. It is very important that you specify the rules that you must follow together. In fact, it will help to avoid conflicts and let you work more efficiently.

Concentration and motivation

Try to focus on the specific task, when you finish it — go to the next one. This work organization will help you to achieve much better efficiency. Constant “jumping” between tasks can cause complete disorganization. At some point you will not be sure what task you are working on and what is really important.

Avoid everything that can easily distract your attention and keep you out of the rhythm of your work — don’t go “to see what’s happening on fb”, don’t take a short break “just to reply to the message”, so don’t look for excuses to do something else than work. Remember that when you finish, you will be able to focus on other activities, and the sooner you complete your work the sooner it will happen.

Therefore, do not postpone the tasks for later, stay diligent and committed, do not stop looking for new motivators. When the work drives you and gives you satisfaction, then you will not have to force yourself to do the next tasks. Please keep it in your mind.

Learn to delegate

Remember — you are not perfect. You can’t do everything in the shortest possible time, as best as you can. It is impossible for you to be for everyone whenever they need your support. Stop judge yourself and learn how to delegate tasks.

The sooner you free yourself of the inner urge to be the best, the easier it will be to achieve what is possible, avoiding great disappointments and tremendous tiredness. Do not demand from yourself what is impossible, but do everything to constantly develop yourself.

The key is communication

You are not on your own, you are a part of a group. Don’t forget about the people you work with. Bet on communication — be in constant contact with the team. Trust me, it will help you to not get in trouble.

Meet your colleagues regularly. Working away from the rest doesn’t mean you lose team spirit. New technologies give a number of possibilities, and the live webcam often avoids conflicts and misunderstandings. Remember that talking about difficulties, mutual motivation for further actions, joint problem solving will make your work not only more effective, but also more complete.

The key is communication

I hope you managed to find the advice that suits your needs. Each of us perceives work differently, has own preferences and habits, and faces difficulties. Undoubtedly, remote work requires a lot of self-discipline, proper organization and planning skills. However, as current reality shows, remote work may sometimes be the only option at all, so it is worth making it as effective as possible. Who knows, maybe we will like it enough to make it an alternative to the opportunities we’ve had so far?

Or maybe you would like to work with us? Don’t hesitate, contact us 🙂

Agata Kruk

Agata Kruk

Giraffe Studio Co-founder

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