Does ChatPGT changes industries?

Monika Łyczko, Marketing Specialist

Prepare to enter a realm where human-like conversations and mind-boggling artificial intelligence converge: welcome to the extraordinary world of ChatGPT!

Artificial intelligence has been a particularly hot subject in recent months. Especially OpenAI with its chatGPT, which is eager to strike up a conversation with you on a topic of your interest and engage you with machines differently.

San Francisco, USA, Nov. 2022 – OpenAI, an organization working in the field of artificial intelligence and its development, is releasing a tool that is capable of answering questions ranging from mathematics to geography to religions and beliefs, and so on. ChatGPT will write an essay for you, support your project by giving ideas or even create a poem. Sounds interesting?

ChatGPT is a language processing model from OpenAI

What is ChatGPT and how does it work?

ChatGPT is a linguistic artificial intelligence model that processes human language, and was developed by the OpenAI organization. Read how this advanced artificial intelligence technology works.

The developers of the tool have put huge amounts of data into it, based on what has been published on the web so far. ChatGPT is an advanced artificial intelligence technology, that searches the mentioned data it has been equipped with, before generating a ready text. Thanks to this, it creates a textual response about the issue entered by the user, based on how a human being would respond. This is a natural language processing technique.

How exactly does ChatGPT generate answers to human-entered sentences? Thanks to artificial intelligence technology, the tool is trained to analyze the words entered into it, for their likely meaning and grammar. Then, based on statistical patterns and probabilistic approach, it generates a response composed of words that, one by one, are expected to form a logical sequence of sentences, and provide the best answer to the entered issue.

ChatGPT is a learning tool. It uses so-called neural networks to learn, which allow it to recognize and analyze linguistic structures, and remember those it has already encountered. Thanks to this, it is able to generate better and better answers, more and more similar to natural human language.

AI changes industries. ChatGPT also?

ChatGPT is based on artificial intelligence technology. As we already mentioned, the new GPT language model is capable of generating text similar to human language. That is why it has caused an uproar in the community of text creators.

Troubles appear when AI can create a text faster than human. Does faster mean better? Can content professionals feel safe nowadays? We read that some copywriters are already complaining about the lack of assignments they were finding on popular freelance sites, and indeed, they have declined a bit recently. For some entrepreneurs, using ChatGPT at work, has proven to be a more convenient option than outsourcing creative work to people. What effect will it has on business – we will see in the near future.

Let’s put chatGPT aside, changes in various industries are already being brought by artificial intelligence itself.

We have entered an era of intense technological change from AI giants striving for technological supremacy. According to expert predictions, artificial intelligence will put hundreds of thousands of people out of work. Will chatGPT also contribute to this? Which industries might be affected by artificial intelligence, and which will be more or less automated?

It is said, that automation will progress in the manufacturing sector, where machines have been replacing and facilitating the work of human hands for years now. With this, however, we are not surprised.

What’s next?

The service sector. Activities that we classify as those, that are repetitive and do not require much creativity, are listed among those to be automated in some part. Examples include certain procedures in industries i.e. accounting, transport or customer service, which, thanks to AI, can be performed much faster than in cases where a human is responsible for them.

Artificial intelligence is to be involved in supporting the medical industry, helping to streamline the work of medical personnel in certain activities.

The evolution of the mentioned industries, is a fraction of what we will see in the next few years. Thanks to artificial intelligence and automation of processes in companies, the labour market will transform in front of our eyes. This will lead to the elimination of some existing positions and the creation of new ones, especially in industries related to technology and machine operation.Opportunities and threats - all that ChatGPT offers to us

ChatGPT from OpenAI – displace of copywriters

When the buzz around chatGPT grew, some people felt uncertainty about what their professional future would look like. If artificial intelligence with its GPT model can generate text in the manner of an article, a short post, or advertising text on any topic, why hire humans to do this?

The question may seem legitimate for the reason that this tool has visibly affected the creative industry. Some copywriters have begun to rely entirely or partially on the information that the chatbot will generate.

However, a common sense approach allows us to see, that ChatGPT cannot replace the work of professionals at this stage of its development. Instead, it will support it, becoming better and better with subsequent releases and updates. Its replacement of humans cannot happen because the AI tool is not a flawless text creator.

What does this mean? Simply saying, Chatbot is not able to read human emotions and understand them on the same level as a human. The psychological aspect in the creative industry is a fundamental issue of content creation.

Based on the data, he is equipped with, the chat generates ready-made texts. Nevertheless, it is worth to note, that at this stage of its development it will not approach the description of an issue in a holistic way. It takes several queries from the user to get a solid explanation of a topic. Nonetheless, ChatGPT is an inspiration for writers when they need guidance, ideas, and suggestions on the topic. However, ChatGPT is not infallible in the answers it generates, read more about it later in this article.

Disadvantages of ChatGPT. What are they?

Like any new technology, ChatGPT has shortcomings, that will quite quickly catch the eye of the user. Since it is a relatively new tool, it is still being improved by its developers, and it is difficult to expect it to be perfect by now. What mistakes will you encounter when using a chatbot?

  • Questionable truthfulness: artificial intelligence for natural language processing is not infallible. The texts it generates, should not be accepted uncritically by users, they need to be checked for veracity, as many Internet users have proven.
  • Length of generated responses: ChatGPT will sooner generate paragraphs, subsections, and their summary, less often an exhaustive article-length answer.
  • Simple sentence structure and lack of variety: chatbot is supposed to generate human-like text. Sometimes the textual statements it creates are too generic, with no attempt to find synonyms or word substitutes.
  • Off-topic answers: The tool from OpenAI is learning to better understand and interpret the queries of people. In the future, it will generate statements better and more accurately. For now, it happens that the texts it creates, lack the exhaustive specifics the user wants. Sometimes the chatbot circles around the topic without getting to the heart of the subject. In such cases, the user has to edit and elaborate given answers.
  • Equipped with data going back to 2021: When designing the tool, OpenAI equipped it with data current up to 2021. In case of audience demand for the latest information, the chatbot may fail. User of the GPT model should check the statements it generates, and in case of confirmed untruthfulness, edit and change them.

How to respond in the face of technological change?

For many years, we have been more or less perceptively taking part in a technological transformation that will continue to advance.

Artificial intelligence researcher and entrepreneur in the technology industry, Andrew Ng, commented on the situation this way: “The threat of AI replacing jobs is real, but it won’t happen overnight. We have time to prepare and adapt. We need to invest in education and training programs that will help employees gain the skills they need to succeed in the AI era.”

It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about ChatGPT or any other artificial intelligence tool. Technological transformation requires us to be flexible, deepening our skills and experience. This is the right attitude to have in the face of emerging changes in the labour market. Even without the threat of job loss, it is simply beneficial for human beings.

Monika Łyczko

Monika Łyczko

Marketing Specialist

Recruiter by education, however, she has always preferred and wanted to write. She believes in copywriting, where every word has an intended effect. That's why she wants to create engaging content for websites, eye-catching headlines, or develop effective advertising campaigns, and above all, inspire. What she values most in life are people and mountains. But mostly people.

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