The Wellbeing Hub

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The Wellbeing Hub is a loyalty application integrated with the store's assortment.

The application helps user to quickly find products, activate promotional codes and use cooking recipes. The product guarantees access to a blog where the user can find articles about food and news.

The application is available for Android and iOS mobile devices.
Wellbeing Hub
Wellbeing Hub 1

Mobile application integrated with the store

The Wellbeing Hub is an organic food store for conscious consumers. The app gives an insight into the product offer of the store offering high-quality food. Based on food preferences, the user can personalize the shopping list and save time that would be spent browsing the entire range of products. Thanks to the application, the user also gets many discounts.

We equipped the tool with integration with LS Retail, which provides customers with a better shopping experience. Thanks to this system, the application downloads products constituting the store’s offer, and the administrators activate discount offers at a certain time.

  • INDUSTRY E-commerce
  • COUNTRY Australia
  • TIME 6 months
Wellbeing Hub 2

Personalized shopping experience

The Wellbeing Hub application was created to optimize the store’s offer to the user’s needs. The customer is more likely to make a purchase if he can complete his basket in an intuitive and easy way and go to finalize the order.

Thanks to a very functional user path, finding what a potential customer is looking for becomes quick and convenient, which ultimately affects the number of transactions concluded.

  • SERVICES mobile applicAtion,
    QA i tests
    LS Retail

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