Swim Express

Networked sports centers

Swim Express is a mobile app for dozens of swimming pools across Australia used by hundreds of thousands of children. Thanks to it, parents are able to sign up their child for classes, buy a course, get to know the offer, or contact the instructor via chat. The application is also educational, thanks to the descriptions and instructional videos contained in it.

The application is available on mobile devices for Android and iOS platforms.
Swim Express
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Manage your child's sports activities online

The aim of the application was to create a CMS administration panel that can be used by instructors, trainers, administration and owners of sports facilities to share content, manage the schedule of online classes and communicate with students’ parents. The panel was created as a web application, with different levels of access depending on the role played in the sports center.

Our task was also to develop a mobile application, combined with a web application, which allows parents of students to display content about classes, sign up for selected courses, and send messages to the child’s instructor. The notification system gives user the opportunity to notify carers about canceled classes, found equipment or upcoming competitions.

  • INDUSTRY Sport
  • COUNTRY Australia
  • TIME 4 months
Swim Express 2

Receive feedback from the trainer in app

Owners of sports facilities, coaches and instructors can post their courses in the application, sell them, share materials with their students and easily contact them. The application contains a “bulletin board” from a given facility, relevant information about courses and gives the opportunity to sign up for selected classes. The tool allows admins to manage the schedule of activities of the entire sport facility.

The application is not only a modern bulletin board, but also a source of knowledge about swimming lessons, safety rules, procedures and standards. This is a modern solution that allows users to meet many needs of owners of sports facilities, instructors, students and their parents.

  • SERVICES Mobile application development,
    website development,
    backend solutions,
  • PLATFORMS mobile,

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