An effective business tool

An application dedicated to the sales department. The product was created for a manufacturer of roller blinds which offers over 200 products. The user can configure his copy by combining different variants of colors, textures or sizes.

The application gives insight into the full specification of the products.
Luxaflex 1

Configure your own product

Luxaflex is a Progressive Web Application, designed to work also on mobile devices.

The tool helps users to choose the right product from among 200 offered by the manufacturer. The most important element of the application is the configurator, which allows user to enter various data, text and pictures. The result is the final product expected by the user, which can then be ordered.

  • INDUSTRY E-commerce
  • COUNTRY Australia
  • TIME 2 months
Luxaflex 2

Sales boosting tool

The application is a modern sales tool thanks to which the user can select a product and then configure it according to their own needs. The application is intuitive, easy to navigate and very useful, which translates into sales results on the client’s side.

The PWA application we created works both online and offline. The tool has also been optimized for iPads. The application has a CMS panel for managing product catalogs, thanks to which administrators can add new products on an ongoing basis, manage stock levels and inform customers about promotions and news.

  • SERVICES Mobile application development,
    Website development,
    backend solutions,

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