Real-time appointment booking

Bookooy is a mobile and web platform, thanks to which the user can quickly book an appointment for a hairdressing / cosmetic service, etc., which will take place within two days. In turn, the business owner can automate the process of booking free dates in his calendar and creating invoices. We have created a comprehensive, but at the same time intuitive tool that meet the needs of the recipient and sender of the service.

The Bookooy platform includes functionalities that allow you to book service dates, make payments, and create opinions. Importantly, the product offers synergies in the operation of at least two calendars at the same time when managing more stores.
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Automation of company management processes

We have created an advanced platform, rich in functionalities both for salon administrators and for customers of the cosmetics industry.

One of the demanding stages of work on automating processes was creating a module for booking services in each of the salons in real time, so that several people could not enter the calendar of a given salon at the same time.

When creating the application, we also faced such challenges as a company verification system, making payments using many methods, invoicing, creating opinions and ranking of salons, or finding a salon within a certain distance from your place of stay.

  • INDUSTRY Beauty
  • COUNTRY Poland
  • TIME 1,5 year
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Platform that meets current trends in customer service

The Bookooy platform is a multifunctional tool with a wide range of functionalities.

One of them is to enable the owners of beauty salons to publish the offer of their services. Merchants manage reservations made on the platform thanks to the company’s automated calendar.

The platform was created to enable admins to generate invoices, receive transfers and withdraw cash. For those who manage several companies at the same time, we have introduced integrations between the calendars of these points to make it easier for employees to perform their work, streamline the process of booking appointments and managing reservations.

Thanks to the platform, the customer will find offers for “last minute” services. The application gives the opportunity to filter offers according to selected criteria, make a transfer, book an appointment, evaluate salons, as well as read the opinions of other customers. Discount codes are also available for users of the platform.

  • SERVICES web development,
    mobile development,
    promotional sites
    backend solutions
    QA and testing

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