New World

E-commerce platform

New World is an advanced e-commerce platform that allows the user to shop at 20 stores in Fiji. The website presents the offer of individual stores, informs you about promotions on an ongoing basis and allows you to manage the delivery.

On the platform you can find a catalog of products, their details and choose the appropriate payment method. By making purchases, the user gains promotional codes, discounts and rebates. The platform is available on web and mobile devices.
New World
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More than one million products

New World is an advanced e-commerce platform that gives you the opportunity to purchase a wide range of food products.

The challenge we faced was to create a platform that was supposed to give access to products from 20 stores at the same time. Managing such a large database of various products requires a very thoughtful implementation. When creating the backend of the product, we used Open Source, which is Vendure..

We enriched the tool with two-way synchronization with the database used by LS Retail. This means that product data, store lists and stock levels for each of these outlets are downloaded from the database. When the user places an order, it is sent to the database together with his data, so that people responsible for the assortment can issue invoices.

  • INDUSTRY E-commerce
  • COUNTRY Fiji
  • TIME 1 year
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Simple to use, rich in functionality

The platform we have created allows administrators to easily add new products, their descriptions and adequate graphics. At New World, we have implemented various types of promotions (promotional codes, discounts, etc.), which are also extremely easy to manage.

The tool gives access to products from various warehouses (outside the NewWorld network). Synchronization of the products offered for purchase in them takes place almost in real time, thanks to which stock levels and product prices are updated as quickly as possible.

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  • SERVICES web development+PWA,
    backend solutions, UI/UX,
    QA and testing
  • PLATFORMS web,

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