A modern application for seniors

The MyHomeFone application was created specifically with seniors in mind, offering an intuitive and easy-to-use interface that is designed to facilitate the use of a variety of features. Thanks to the application, seniors can gain access to a wide range of services and, if necessary, quickly call for help or contact their loved ones.

The application interface has been designed to be understandable and adapted to the needs of seniors. This allows users to freely explore the application without the need for advanced technical knowledge.
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An app that strengthens relationships and security

The application provides many functions that significantly facilitate the everyday life of seniors. The ability to make video calls with one click allows users to quickly contact family and friends. A photo gallery filled by children and grandchildren in the web application gives seniors the opportunity to store memories. The option to call for help ensures that support is always at their fingertips.

Additionally, access to basic games and chat with news is great entertainment and a way to keep the mind active. The social function, which allows seniors to create user groups, allows them to share information, photos and life stories, which helps build relationships with other users.

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  • COUNTRY Australia
  • TIME 2 months
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Seniors in the world of new technologies

The application dedicated to seniors helps them take full advantage of new technologies, making everyday life more enjoyable and enabling them to maintain close contacts with family and friends. Its simple interface and various functions allow seniors to get the maximum benefit from modern solutions, without unnecessary complexity.

The tool was designed with the safety of seniors in mind. It offers the ability to customize privacy settings, giving users full control over the sharing of personal data and information. The application also promotes the activity of seniors, encouraging them to participate in online life and social interaction. Thanks to this, seniors can engage in discussions and remain integrated with the world around them, regardless of distance or time constraints.

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