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An innovative educational tool

The My Core application is a modern e-learning platform, created for effective learning and personal development. It is a tool that supports the education process by using four unique algorithms that adapt to the needs of users. MyCore provides access to a variety of courses and learning materials, allowing users to learn in a flexible and customized way. The app provides a full range of tools to track progress and motivate users to study systematically.

The app offers options to purchase or subscribe to courses and a points system that encourages user to keep learning and unlock more opportunities.
My Core
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Four unique algorithms for effective learning

The My Core app stands out thanks to four unique algorithms that are key elements of its functionality. The algorithms have been designed to adapt education to the individual needs of each user. The first of the algorithms helps in choosing the right course and its learning frequency, thanks to which the user can plan his learning effectively.

The second algorithm allows the course to be reproduced in different formats, such as videos, presentations or audio files, which provides flexibility in the learning process. The third algorithm helps shape learning habits by encouraging users to study regularly. The fourth algorithm tracks users’ progress and provides detailed statistics on their development, allowing you to constantly monitor your progress as you learn.

  • INDUSTRY E-learning
  • TIME 1 year
My Core 2

An application that allows user to develop good habits

The MyCore application offers a number of features that make the learning process more effective and rewarding. Users have the ability to create their own courses or areas in which they would like to develop, using a dedicated checklist, which allows for personalized learning.

The platform gives the opportunity to purchase or subscribe to courses, thanks to which users have access to a wide range of educational materials. The points system rewards systematic learning and allows user to unlock more courses and opportunities. MyCore is a comprehensive tool that supports everyone in achieving their learning goals while providing flexibility and customization to individual needs.

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