Enter the LEGO
world online

The application was created for the collectors of LEGO
figures. Thanks to the platform, LEGO fans who would
like to expand their collections can find information about
the figures of their interest, find rare copies, read reviews
and create their own personalized catalog online.

The application indicates the price of each minifigure
enabling the user to calculate the value of their entire


Create your own
magnificent collection

The implementation of advanced image processing algorithms
that enable the user to take a photo of their figure and find similar items in the online collection.

The challenge was also to create a very simple but readable
UI that would provide the user with convenience in using all
the functionalities.


Develop your passion
in a unique group

We have built an application that effectively reaches the target audience focused on a shared passion.

Not only does the platform facilitate the user’s collection management
and extension but it also affects the expansion of the collectors' social
network and their contacts with each other.

"The largest LEGO collection in the world available online."

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