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Customer communication that goes on and on?
Gratified is an application that will enable you to do that.

We went a step further and created a website that promotes the application created by our Client. The website contains all the information about the mobile app and its functionality.
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Website which promotes mobile application

Gratified is a web promoting a mobile application of the same name. The application was previously developed by the Client and made available for use by the audience.

The website contains a range of information about the app’s features. It was created to promote the application, provide with all possible information about it, and explain how the app can be downloaded and used. Accordingly, we will find in the site numerous descriptions, references, a form to help us set up an account on the site and a contact to the creators or people responsible for the app.

  • INDUSTRY Business
  • COUNTRY Poland
  • TIME 5 months
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A new level of communication with clients

Gratified allows you and your customer to stay in constant contact, with the ability to send quick chat messages. Chat can be single or group. It takes seconds to send a message from a company to a customer, or from a customer to a company. Messages arrive quickly and with better results, because of the amount of people using Gratified, who can read them and respond immediately. In this way, the business relationships grow stronger.

The web we created, will show you how to handle the application, equip you with all the necessary information and redirect you to a page where you can create your own account. The site is equipped with many sub-pages and modern, colorful graphics.

  • SERVICES web development,
    QA and testing

Alrighty, let’s do this

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Alrighty, let’s do this