Integrated communication tool

Gratified.io web app is a complete solution that guarantees diversity and continuity of communication with the customer service team. The tool uses the possibilities offered by AI.

The app provides a centralized solution for messaging and end-to-end customer service. The product contains a multitude of functions that support the customer, learn about his needs and achieve his goals.
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The application ready for quick customization

Gratified is a web application that is very easy to personalize. Almost every element of the website has been implemented in such a way that our client can make a number of changes in a quick and intuitive way, adding new elements, changing their arrangement, or managing texts and graphics.

The web application allows admin to create customized forms that collect data and send it to the indicated address. The tool has been equipped with a blog section, which can be used to create specialized texts materials and promote them online. At any time, the admin can add a new subpage that matches the style of the rest of the page, manage all its text and graphic elements. Thanks to this, the web application can be constantly developed and adapted to the needs of the market.

  • INDUSTRY Business
  • COUNTRY Poland
  • TIME 5 months
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A new level of communication with clients

Gratified is not only a modern application that, supported by AI technology, allows for professional customer service. It is a hub connecting a number of users, enabling them to use modern forms of communication. It is also a place full of current industry news.

What is very important, it is a product that our client can easily adapt, change and manage depending on their developing business needs or evolving trends. A highly developed and intuitive CMS guarantees that the web application is a complete tool that allows us to achieve our client’s goals.

  • SERVICES web development,
    QA and testing

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