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An application created to support African students struggling with little access to educational aids.

The purpose of the application is to provide the users with learning materials and test their knowledge by completing the test at the end. The user, by answering a number of questions, receives a personalized assessment indicating the shortcomings that should be filled.
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Support for African students

The challenge was to create an application dedicated to people of different ages, with various educational difficulties, which required, among others specific approach to UX / UI and proper design of individual functionalities.

Our goal was to create the best mobile presentation of survey that would allow for accurate profiling of the student completing the test. It was also important to properly present the educational materials in all possible forms, such as text, audio or video.

  • INDUSTRY E-larning
  • TIME 4 months
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Free access to education

The platform allows the user to easily access a variety of learning aids in every available form. The product is universal: it can be adapted to almost all fields of science, in every country and for a selected target group. The platform also works offline.

We enjoy not only the functionality of the product, but also its social dimension.

  • SERVICES Mobile App development, UI/UX, QA and testing, marketing assistance, maintenance
  • TECHNOLOGIES Swift, Kotlin, NodeJS, Parse, AWS

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