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Dujourbaby is a mobile application where parents can create a beautiful album documenting the 1st year of their child's life. The application reminds users about its monthly completion, contains ready-made questions to be answered by the parent and a variety of stylistic templates. After completing 12 months, the parent can order a printable album in the application.

The application is available for users of Google and Apple platforms.
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Customized product ready to order

Our task was to create an application that would guide the user in such a way that he could efficiently complete the text information and photos of his child. The albums had to have several stylistic and color variants, corresponding to current trends. Intuitive form, speed of operation and ease of placing an order were to translate into the interest of users, their satisfaction and then the desire to buy the album in its actual form.

Administrators were to manage album templates and available options thanks to the CMS panel, while users, thanks to notifications, would be notified about upcoming promotions, news and the need to update the next stage of their child’s life.

  • INDUSTRY Shopping
  • COUNTRY Australia
  • TIME 3 months
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A product that collects your memories

We have created an application that can be customized in an intuitive way by administrators in the CMS panel (e.g. adding more stylistic templates that create the background of the album). In turn, users are guided step by step, so that they can quickly and easily complete texts, photos and purchase an album. One of the most important functions of the system is the ability to make a subscription.

The application is an example of a solution that helps to create a customized product, engaging the user to a minimum extent, saving his time and effort. The result of filling out monthly information is the creation of a unique album, which can then be ordered in physical form.

  • SERVICES Mobile application development,
    Website development,
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