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The Belgravia language school in Krakow adjusts the method, level and style of teaching to the needs of its students. During creation of the website, we paid attention primarily to its functionality, transparency, aesthetics and usability. We have created a website that the client can freely adapt to changing needs, thanks to an intuitive content management system.
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Simplicity and functionality

When designing a website for a language school, our goal was to create, first and foremost, a functional website.

Functionality is the logical structure of the site, the chronology of the content and the consistency of the elements arranged on it. It should be friendly to the viewer, allowing him to quickly find what he is looking for on it.

We wanted the procedure for signing up for a language course and obtaining information to be as short as possible, making the whole process as easy as possible for those interested, as well as the contact with the school itself. Such action contributes to greater sales results of the services offered by the company.

We also wanted the subsequent operation of the website by its admins, thanks to WordPress, to be extremely intuitive and simple.

  • INDUSTRY Education
  • COUNTRY Poland
  • TIME 1 month
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Intuitive website

We have created a useful website whose design represents the style of the school.

The website presents a range of information about the offer, classes, mission and staff. It also presents a customized map that allows you to plot a route to the place. We have also created a CMS panel, thanks to which, from the admin level, it is possible to edit the content visible on the website.

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  • SERVICES web development,
    QA and testing

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