The first such mobile application in Poland

It is a product that meets real needs. The first application in Poland that includes the new law on public procurement.

The application enables safe and quick use of a legal document in a convenient place and time. Available for Android and iOS platform.
ApexNet 1

Fast keyword search engine

Our main goal was to create an efficient search engine that would quickly indicate selected keywords or find a given chapter in the act.

Smooth navigation, easy access to complex content, and the intuitive nature of the solution make the ApexNet law mobile application very useful.

  • INDUSTRY Education
  • COUNTRY Poland
  • TIME 2 months
ApexNet 2

Find the right content quickly

The ApexNet law mobile application is a great example of how new technologies are making our lives easier. Thanks to the product, the user saves time to quickly reach the content and find the answers.

The Flutter technology was used in the process of creating the product.

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