Mobile learning

A future that is happening right now  

Is the time to go even more mobile? In the era of the prevailing pandemic, we are observing a huge increase in interest in e-learning solutions, it has become a natural phenomenon due to the situation in which humanity is now.

Mobile learning: a future that is happening right now

In the current situation, many areas of business not covered so far have been forced to move to the online world. Many of our daily activities have taken on a virtual robe – regular meetings with friends over beer are held via messengers, and we even watch concerts in the form of a stream.

On the example of the US, one of the key areas that had to adapt this behavior is the area of ​​education. Already in 2017, about 77% of American corporations used online learning. However, 98% planned to include it in their program by 2020 as a source.

Previously quite popular in the hobby sphere, now also in school and professional, virtually all areas of our lives that are related to education can benefit from mobile learning solutions and convince to learn even those most reluctant to deepen their knowledge. Today’s situation means that not only the area of ​​school education is convinced about the value of e-learning platforms.

Below, I have described the main advantages of this type of solutions:

E-learning means cost reduction

The online training system reduces many costs that would normally be associated with it. Take, for example, organized training trips. Here, we reduce the costs of traveling, renting a room, study materials or gastronomy. In addition, e-learning is ECO, in opposition to outdated training methods where updating and reproduction of learning materials is expensive and time consuming. Online training platforms allow you to update important text packages and lesson plans quickly and easily, and because they remain online, we don’t waste precious resources unnecessarily and save on printing. Considering the savings that the company can see after implementing the online employee training program, ROI will be one of the most appealing benefits for companies.

Mobile learning: increased productivity and efficiency

Increased productivity and efficiency

People are looking for effective development opportunities. Online training enables employees to quickly familiarize themselves with new processes. One of the main complaints about traditional training methods is that the time-consuming programs take valuable time that could be spent on other work. Thanks to training management systems, employees can participate in their online courses at any time- including at home or during a break from work – so that learning does not have to interfere with other important or time-sensitive tasks.

E-learning is convenient and flexible

One of the key advantages of e-learning is that employees have the opportunity to participate in online courses from anywhere with internet access. This eliminates a lot of energy spent on coordination, where and when the course will take place, and more importantly from a civilization perspective, thanks to such solutions, students are much more likely to return to their daily educational duties. Quizzes, multiple-choice tests, adopted in an encouraging design are solutions on which to a large extent systems of this type are based, and isn’t it by chance what we liked the most in school? Automated notifications of arrears and endless tasks, appearing on the screens of a monitor or smartphone are wonderful solutions for those more forgetful. We can go back and stop the course we do online at any time, we can also choose from it the issues that interest us most

Mobile learning: real-time feedback

Real-time feedback

Platforms give the opportunity to send feedback on training in real time, ordered in the form of clear headings. Management does not have to spend time drawing conclusions and analyzing results, but receives a ready set of statistics. On the other hand, employees can also get real-time feedback during online training. More advantages in terms of management? No manual assessment of classes. If you want to include quizzes in your training, all course authors must provide the correct answers, and the learning management system can automate assessment and assessment.

E-learning gives transparent access to information

We all know that referring to messy handwritten notes made during training sessions is not the most effective way to preserve information. Online training helps to completely remove paper from the equation. E-learning materials are stored online so that employees can access important resources whenever they encounter a question or difficult situation. And really, isn’t that what training is about?

Mobile learning: personalized and enhanced training experiences

Personalized and enhanced training experiences

Today’s technology gives us great opportunities to create interactive courses in the form of fun and engaging training courses using movies, interactive slides and even games. These intriguing courses lead to better results, helping employees retain more information. Not everyone learns in the same way. Although the course material is consistent for all users, e-learning allows each student to control the pace of the course. Due to the flexibility offered by e-learning, users can also take a course in an environment that is more conducive to absorbing knowledge.

We still have to wait for specific statistics, but we already know that platforms are a very cost-effective and effective solution, and more and more areas of the economy are beginning to convince to them. Many companies and institutions in the crisis have been forced to go for proven, and yet new solutions for many others. All we have to do now is watch whether the trend continues or we will return to old customs.

If you think about transferring your educational services to the mobile sphere, you’ve come to the right place. Make an appointment online, we’ll be happy to help you create the perfect training product to suit your needs.

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Beniamin Pliszak, New Business Manager

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