Lifestyle changes
on your own terms

This app is made for enthusiasts of healthy lifestyle. The platform
helps people who want to start the adventure with sport and
balanced diet to change their lifestyles, improve physical fitness
and take care of their health.

The application gives trainers the opportunity to publish videos
and posts containing diet and training plans as well as tips on
exercise, nutrition or effective sleeping techniques.


A tool that supports
fitness communities

The Fitness App was also created for trainers or dieticians
who could share their knowledge and experience with users.

Therefore, our goal was to build an advanced financial model that
would allow for effective coordination of transactions based on a
series of actions taken by users. The challenge was not only to
create an intuitive application for the user, but also to prepare
a platform enabling trainers to manage their business.


User friendly and
great looking app
for everyone

Within 6 months we have created a unique application that
encourages thousands of users around the world to change their
lifestyles, and helps a large community of coaches and dieticians
develop their business activities.

The Fitness App provides well-proven solutions, helps to
break down barriers, gives motivation and instills passion and
persistence in the user. The platform's functionality,
transparency and intuitiveness is the key of its success. We are
especially proud of the original design that makes the application
outstanding and memorable.


The end result is the right result

"The platform is live and has received positive feedback. Giraffe Studio
implements effective workflows and project management tools. They remain
open and responsive to feedback and ideas. Their collaborative nature coupled
with critical thinking allows them to deliver high-quality work."

Fitness App CEO & Co-Founder
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